"It is in the investment into the community, that our future is secured." - Pat Horton

Illinois State Diabetes Commission Board

As a member of the Illinois State Diabetes Commission Board, I understand the need to ensure that the information that is critical in saving lives is disseminated to the people. There are many individuals diagnosed with diabetes and are without health insurance that are in need of this information. As a mother whose daughter was diagnosed with diabetes when she was only four years old, I understand the importance of becoming informed about diet and exercise to help with diabetes. As a diabetic myself, I understand the needs of those who have been diagnosed with this disease in understanding the things that they can implement in their lives to improve their health.

As commissioner, I will sit on boards pertaining to health and welfare. Because of my first hand experiences, I take into these board rooms valuable information to assist in the decision making process.

Maywood Tennis Association (MTA)

Knowing that exercise plays a key role in good health and safety, I sponsor MTA which provides free tennis lessons to the urban children ages 8 to 18. As a life-long tennis player myself, I was privilege to learn tennis almost 40 years ago. I have played on the professional circuit track, and understand the demand and focus of excelling in this sport. It has been my life-long experiences playing tennis that I understand the benefits that our children and youth can gain.

My goal for wanting to help the kids to learn how to play tennis, is to establish a good healthy regime that they can take throughout their lives. This safe haven assist the urban children in keeping them off the street, and engaging in a pro-active activity that helps improve their health, their ability to get along with others, problem solving skills, communication, and teamwork.

Our motto is, “It’s all about the kids!”. Currently we have around 150 kids from ages 8 to 18 receiving free tennis lessons. We have found that the service we offer these children has assisted them in their focus academically. Many of those who have gone through our free tennis lesson service have been able to obtain employment and college degrees.


My six year tenure as a board member for CEDA (Community and Economic Development Association of of Cook County) has allowed me the privilege to assist in making administrative decision that effect the lives of family and individuals to assist them in obtaining their ability to become self-sufficient. For your convenience I have included CEDA's Scholarship and Self-Employment Training Program links.

CEDA Organization Scholarships Link

CEDA Organization Self-Employment Training Link