"Our actions today make us accountable for the legacy we create for tomorrow."
Pat Horton
Economic Development Platform

Cook County Commissioners are the governing board and legislative body. This body is comprised of seventeen commissioners, each serving their individual single member district of approximately 300,000 residence. Commissioners are elected by their individual districts for a four-year term. Upon election they join the legislative body to represent the entire Cook County.

Cook County is the second largest county in the country. Part of my duties as your commissioner will be to establish a solid foundation for future generation through:

Balancing Budget: Commissioners are the final determining voice for the passage of budgets, bond issues, contracts, and large expenditures for the 11 independently elected officials which run their own offices. This provides a strong check and balance system for the residence of Cook County.

My experience over the last six years as Commissioner for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago has enabled me with the resources and tools to tackle our current budget issues. During my tenure as Commissioner I was responsible for balancing and maintaining a billion dollar budget, with a staff of 2100 employees. I saved the district millions through balancing the budget by cutting each individual departments budget by 10-15%. I was a key figure in increasing transparency and cutting energy costs by renegotiating our energy costs with the respective suppliers. As your commissioner I will continue to implement these same sound business principles on your behalf.

Committee Memberships: Committee memberships are divided into the categories of Criminal Justice, Finance, Health and Hospital, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Legislation and Intergovernmental Relationships, Roads and Bridges, Zoning and Building. Commissioners are key figures in these membership committee's which play a determining decision in the final outcome of budgets and contracts.

As Commissioner for the MWRD I was on the Public Health and Welfare Committee, Industrial Waste and Water Pollution Committee, Information Technology Committee, and vice chairman of Affirmative Action and State Legislation and Rules. In these positions I was able to promote the use of rain barrels, water conservation, proper disposal of medications, purchase of electric vehicles, elimination of the use of harmful pesticides on the district land which is the second largest land owner in Cook County. I stepped up community involvement by disseminating viable information to the residence of cook county. I chaired the committee to create policies to disinfect our waterways. When working with contractors I ensured affirmative action policies were being followed. Through my efforts with public speaking, I brought the information to the residence about the Asian Carp and flooding issues.

Through building businesses, increasing economic development, community awareness, and job creation I will be able to represent and conduct 3rd District town-hall meeting so that you will have a voice in the community.