"When we are good stewards of our planet we have learned to live as man and nature. " Pat Horton
Environmental Platform

The role of Cook County Commissioners in regards to environmental issues fall under the committee membership of Zoning and Building. Cook County has made tremendous gains in their strategic development of businesses and green space. As Commissioner my role will be to investigate options that will assist in our economic development without sacrificing our environment.

My commitment to the environment was demonstrated with my active role in the elimination of the use of harmful pesticides on the district land, the protection of the bald eagle and blue herring birds in Hedgewitch Marsh while I was Commissioner for the MWRD. Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago is the second largest landowner in Cook County which is the second largest county in the country. Our reputation as being a world renown city needs to highlight our commitment to showcase that there is a way to collaborate and enjoy the benefits of a city lifestyle, without sacrificing the benefits we enjoy from the environment in which we reside.