"Volunteering is the key to building our future. Without you I can not move forward." - Pat Horton
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Why Volunteer?

Every leader needs a network of individuals in their organization with the same philosophies and goals. They are the mouthpiece that enables me to represent the community in which I serve. As your candidate for Commissioner in Cook County District 3, I rely on you to assist me in representing your concerns and agenda for the community in which you reside. It is when the candidate and community join forces to work together, to obtain the desired outcome that we are able to accomplish the tasks in which we set out to achieve. I need your help.

I need your help. If you are interesting in volunteering for my campaign, I encourage to review the information I have provided you on this site and feel free to contact me personally to express any concerns or ideas you would like to have addressed. Volunteers in my campaign take on various rolls. I look forward to speaking with you personally and exploring how your expertise can be utilized in my organization.

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